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Hi there, my name is Ebony and I'm 18.

Recently I've become captivated by the practise of tightlacing/waist modification/reduction and after much deliberation have decided I want to try it myself, badly.
I've reviewed all possible health risks related with the practise and I believe it's relatively safe if performed correctly.

I have a few questions to ask anybody who has had experience doing this (that's a lot of you right? :3).
I'm probably going to have my corset custom made because I've already been advised by many to pay to have one made exactly to my shape for comfort and safety reasons.
I need to know the following...

Which would give me better results in the long run? - underbust or overbust?
Which is better in terms of comfort and visibility - underbust or overbust? (I'm leaning towards overbust atm)
When I recieve my corset how many hours a day should I begin wearing my corset for?
When I recieve my corset how many inches should I reduce my waist by to begin with and how much should I reduce it by in the coming months/years?
Can anybody reccomend a particular product I should use for dry skin? I've been warned about moisturizing regularly and would love to hear about experiences and opinions of moisturizing brands :)
Are there any particular exercises I should be doing in the time I am not wearing my corset?
I've been told that wearing your corset for extended periods of time can reduce your food intake and appetite (At 5'5 and 138lbs this can only be a plus right, haha). Can anybody tell me what I should come to expect from this? I'm not a heavy eater but how much food will I be able to eat at one time and would it be better to graze on healthy snacks throughout the day rather then eating large meals?

For now that's all I can really think of. If anybody has anything else to tell me; if anything at all I'd love to hear it.

Thank you very much x
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