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tightlacing and busks

Hello all, I'm a novice at tightlacing, so I apologize if I am incorrect about the facts. I'm posting because I have just purchased my first custom corset, and I was talking to an allegedly experienced tightlacer. I told her that the corset I purchased did not have a busk. She told me ' the busk holds the corset and helps to hold your stomach in. it gives the corset strength and durability, a corset without a busk is not for tight lacing. if you try it may rip. please do not tightlace with a corset without a busk it will only be a waste of time effort and money.'

Is this true? Should I ask the corset maker to include a busk? Note that the corset I ordered has double boning. Is double boning enough to ensure the strength and durability of the corset, if the bones are in the correct places and the corset is otherwise sound, if there is no busk? I just liked the way the corset looked without an opening in front, and assumed that the busk was only for convenience, and not support. If there are steel bones in the front as well as sides and back, that does the trick, no? If any experienced tightlacers have an opinion on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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