withered_roses_ (withered_roses_) wrote in tightlacing,

Anyone still active tightlacing?

Hello all,

This community is quite dead, but I was wondering if anyone of you guys is still into tightlacing?
I am still lacing, altough not as often as I would like. I do try to get laced into my corset every day, but sometimes I just take a day off. :)
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I'm still totally into it. ^_^

Cool! Do you sleep in your corsets, or just put it on during the day? I have slept in corsets, but my sleep time corset died, so I need to make a new one.
I am still definitely interested in it, I've just never been able to afford my first corset :/ Life has been rough. HOPEFULLY soon.
Lets hope so! It is really worth it. :)