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Tight Lacing

For beauty's sake

10/28/09 03:45 pm - anamabbas - documentary about corsets


I'm a film-maker living in Toronto, and I'm working on a documentary project with Sheridan college about the art of corset making and modern tight lacing culture.
We are filming for the next four months and currently looking for anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences with corsets and waist training . We already have a few of Toronto's most notable corsetiers on board.
Any newbies in the community who would like invite us to share their adventure would also be great!

You can email me at anamabbas@gmail.com for more info on the project, or call at 416 453 9307

We are looking for people in and around Toronto for now, but any input from anywhere is much appreciated. Also anyone who just wants to do an off-camera interview, please get in touch, it would still be great to hear about your experiences.

Info on me:

I just made my first corset this summer!  I want more people to appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into constructing a safe and beautiful corset!  I also want to understand  the corset as a garment that truly celebrates the body and the community that welcomes anyone and everyone, and the corsetiers that accommodate any body type into their engineering and artistry.

Thank you all for your support!!!!!

2/6/09 12:35 pm - corsetkitten - More to be Discontinued!

I'll be discontinuing more old cKc stock Monday morning. So hurry and get these deals while they last!!!

click the pic to go to the site


2/2/09 11:32 am - digital_hypoxia - Two Corsets for Direct sale

Lovesick Corrective Apparel Garter Underbust in Black PVC
Rib 29”
Waist 21”
Abdomen 30”
Hip 34”

Electra Designs Underbust in Grey Pinstriped Suiting with Silk Dupioni Ruffles

Measurements taken flat across the front:
Underbust: 14”
Waist: 11. 25”
Hip: 18”

Images and additional information here.

1/4/09 07:38 pm - corsetkitten

Also please note our ReadyMade link was broken, but now it's fixed!


Email me with any questions at airyn@hotmail.com

1/2/09 09:21 am - palesknbeauty - New Year, New Corset

Want a way to spend your new Holiday Money? Buy a corset. Its an investment that will last for years!

In the spirit of the new year, I am offering %10 off your order, or free shipping.

My corsets are sturdy, yet fashionable. I wear them, so I can vouch for their quality and ability to lace in tight.

Get that precious waist you have always dreamed of.


1/1/09 02:35 pm - corsetkitten - Discontinuing Items!

On Saturday 3rd January 2009 I will begin discontinuing items from our store Mindticor.com to make room for new Steampunk goodies! So this is the last chance you will be able to have to get certain items from the site! Please email me at airyn@hotmail.com if you have ANY questions.

12/16/08 11:54 am - corsetkitten - 50% off sale at cKc!!


email airyn@hotmail.com with any questions!

11/5/08 12:50 pm - cat_n_kitten - Questions to the experienced

 I have finally emptied my pocket and purchased custom size corset that I can wear longer than usual. It is quite comfortable ( I purchased an S curve ) but there are few questions that I'd like to ask those who do it regulary...
 1. when I lace up there is a fat roll on the top of the corset, looks like I have a spare pair of tits on my back , I used to wear victorian shape and I had a problem with my stomach  being pushed out below but I finally figured how to deal with this, now I need suggestion how to deal with fat overflow above!
2. it is quite hadr to lace it tightly my waist uncorsetted is 90 cm, corsetted is 70 cm  but I don't feel that it's tight enough and when I lay down I can feel my skin moving under the corset, does it happends even when the corset is very tight? or it's the sign that I can go even further with reducing waist?
3. it is very hard to do home tasks while corsetted and I wanted to ask those who do it 23/7 how do you manage routine tasks while corsetted... I found it very difficult to get into the car, impossible to put  on my shoes, doing some other intemate things also not as easy... how do you do it? now I wear this corset about 6 hours a day  and I don't know how to make it longer since I have so many things to do that I can't do while wearing a corset...
4.  what clothes you wear??? now that I wear it longer than before I sometimes have to go out corsetted...I don't waте to shock people with my strange looking body ,  I tried to wear my normal clothes and I can't... can't wear jeans because in the hips the corset added an inch and in waist  any jeans that would fit my hips will be tooo big. SO it's a skirt... I am wearing my only skirt that  fits me already 2 weeks in a row. a lot of problems with what to wear on the upper part of the body.... as I said I want to stay discreet, I manage to hide corset under few layers of clothes ( thanks god it's winter here and you can't see anything under a furcoat BUT sometimes you have to take it of...)
anyhow... I want you guys to share your little secret with me i like to wear corset longer since physically  i can do it .
also somewhere I used to see ribs training corset that ends above the waist but can't remember who was making it, if anyone remembers drop me a link

11/3/08 07:27 am - mz_berlin - 18" Motherfuckers!!

shot by Steen.
corset by Miss Sue Nice.
lingerie by La Magia
shoes by Elite Heels


10/29/08 08:00 pm - deltablues - Beginning to Tightlace

Hi, Tightlacers-

I recently started wearing a Meschantes training corset for about 10 hours a day (going on three weeks) and I love what it does for my figure. I can only comfortably reduce about 2.5 inches right now, but I think it makes a big difference in how curvy I am.

Anyway I have two concerns.

First, dry skin. Right now I moisturize with lotion and then wear a cotton tank top under the corset, but by the end of the day my skin can be itchy and red, especially on my sides near my waist. I'm prone to dry skin anyway, but is there any moisturizer that you recommend in particular?

And second, while I'm perfectly comfortable sitting upright in my chair at work all day, I find it really uncomfortable to try to lounge on the couch in the evening. This is probably just a matter of positioning pillows, but are there any positions you find less uncomfortable, or should i just get a firmer couch and sit upright?

Thanks for your input.
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